Yap Yap Vol 1
or Therck Get Turn Into Lizard. Eat Fly.

Therck go on adventure with priest and wizard. Priest called Altor, he want to get Therck stop taking things. Therck no understand, but Altor has big pockets and doesn’t guard good. So Therck gets to find pretty things. Now have more gold than ever. Therck thinking of making coat with Scaled Spider writed on it. Big letters with claw or spider? Wizard called Garreth or something. He all magical. Therck think he knows what Therck is up to. Maybe slit his throat next time he sleeps. Then Altor get mad and Therck doesn’t get stuff paid for and become good. Have to decide.

We come to village in night and find place to sleep. Fat, ugly, stupid innkeeper told Therck he couldn’t sleep there, but Altor convinces him. Altor nice. Maybe not slit throat in sleep. Innkeeper evil. Have to kill him. Torag will like that, maybe, turn Therck into a dragon or a spider. When sleeping woke up by burning inn. Therck thinks Torag burned down house because it wasn’t a forge. Going to ask Altor later, see if right.

Therck found people in cloaks. Was going to chase, but didn’t look to have much money. Instead, find Altor and Garreth and we follow together. Then we fight all of jungle all at once. Therck killed a dinosaur, which is kind of like a dragon. Stole some teeth and am going to make knives from them. Will be the best knives ever. Maybe can poison them? Wear like bracers?

Then half-orc come from woods. He starts shooting spells just like Garreth and then Therck get turned into a lizard. Turns out, flies delicious. Have to eat more flies. Still lizard, that’s why Therck write journal in head. Mmmm… Flies delicious.

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